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Optimize management to achieve the best scheduling of resources

threeorfour years ago, network management seemed to be only the concern of the information department as the "fire brigade" of enterprises. However, with the rapid development of network technology and the continuous launch of business application systems, network management is being paid unprecedented attention by senior management from behind the scenes to in front of the stage

enterprise investment, network infrastructure, management awareness, and managers' own skills are all factors affecting the level of network management. However, in addition to these influencing factors, today's network management pays more attention to the use of appropriate network management software. An excellent network management system directly determines the executive power of enterprise information to avoid the destruction of extended plans. Therefore, gradually improve the quality assurance system of publishing products. This paper will focus on the upgrading of the whole network management from the perspective of network management software

growing pains

in recent years, more and more growing enterprises are experiencing "growing pains". The surge of business flow and the increasing expansion of monitoring scope are constantly testing the aging management system. On the one hand, the network equipment of different manufacturers is widely distributed in various departments of various prefecture level subsidiaries of the enterprise. The compatibility of different technologies and interfaces, and the interoperability and cooperation between different regions are all challenges to the management system. On the other hand, the internal network scale of enterprises is becoming more and more complex. Various network protocols such as tcp/ip and SNA coexist. It is not uncommon for a variety of server platforms such as Novell, UNIX and windows nt to coexist peacefully. Oracle, Sybase, SQL server and other types of databases are also not rare. It is really a wide range of points, and the difficulty and workload of daily maintenance can be imagined

how to minimize the workload of managers? How to deal with the incident reports sent by many devices in the network in time? How to detect and find the fault point in the shortest time? For this reason, enterprise managers have introduced management software

foreign management software: the embarrassment behind the mainstream

due to the high technical content of management software, high entry threshold, difficult development and other factors, it has long been a large foreign manufacturer with strong strength that occupies a dominant position. Due to their high brand recognition, relatively mature technology and excellent performance in the global market, these large enterprises have become the first choice for domestic enterprises. However, some enterprises with different roles and peripheral service enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industry cannot use or have a low utilization rate after installing foreign management software. In the final analysis, the reasons are as follows:

usage habits, work behavior and regional cultural differences. The overall structure management of the IT department is closely related to the usage habits and behaviors of each person in the IT department. HP, Ca and IBM all start from the consideration of meeting the management system, management behavior and usage habits of American IT operation and maintenance departments, which is bound to be quite different from the Chinese market

not easy to operate. Foreign management software has an all English interface, which is difficult to integrate with Chinese enterprises, and has high requirements for management technicians

secondary development is difficult. If the development cannot keep up with the business changes, it cannot continue to be used. In order to achieve this goal, foreign software must rewrite the script and carry out secondary development to ensure the coincidence of the two. The two are easy to be misplaced, and once misplaced, the whole software will be completely unusable. In addition, the high price is undeniable

domestic management software: growth at the right time

due to some acclimatization of foreign software in China's special market, some enterprises have turned their attention to domestic manufacturers. Take China Railcom as an example. In the initial selection of pipe products, China Railcom also first considered foreign pipe systems. After investigating foreign pipe products, China Tietong believes that foreign pipe software is not the most suitable choice because of its complex operation, difficult to use and high price. As a well-known domestic pipe manufacturer, Youlong technology provides a siteview network management solution that combines the siteview integrated management system with the siteview topology king according to the actual needs of China Tietong

"In this solution, the b/s architecture and 'hierarchical monitoring' feature of siteview integrated management system can solve the management requirements of China Railway connect distributed network remote collaborative operation and maintenance. The rich report statistics function greatly reduces the burden of weekly and monthly report statistics for the operation and maintenance personnel; the trend report and real-time report, traffic analysis, port change, multi window display, topology discovery and other functions provided by siteview topology king also It can greatly facilitate the daily management and maintenance of China Railcom. " This is the evaluation after China Railway connect tried this system. Therefore, China Railway connect did not hesitate to choose the solution of this domestic manufacturer

although there is still a certain gap compared with foreign products on the whole, in the past two years, with the correct grasp of the market demand trend, domestic management software has broken through from a large number of foreign management software, and has emerged in the market and made many achievements. Therefore, the author believes that to grasp the pulse of the domestic network management trend, it is necessary to study the breakthrough ways of domestic manufacturers

the first way to break through: business oriented application is king

"the reason why we can develop in the market for a long time is that our product positioning is business oriented operation and maintenance." Zhang Zejun, general manager of Youlong technology, explained the way of survival. At present, the management system and business application system are more and more closely integrated, and the focus of network management gradually rises from the management of network equipment itself to the services provided by the equipment to the business and the impact it brings

grasping this trend, Youlong technology has strengthened the monitoring and management of key business applications in its siteview products, and achieved in-depth monitoring and operation and maintenance of businesses. After adopting their products, telecom, banking and other departments can monitor and analyze the application process and application system of each server, and even continuously monitor the extent to which their business is used as an end user

the second way to break through: intuitive and easy-to-use

foreign large-scale management software requires a professional technical team to manage, with large investment, long implementation cycle, high requirements for management personnel, and relatively troublesome operation and maintenance. In contrast, domestic management software has a short implementation cycle, and it takes users one day to basically complete the implementation after purchase. The second is the full Chinese interface, which is easy to use. In addition, because of the use of images and reports, there is no need to install agent software on the monitored server, which is very convenient for operation and maintenance

the third way to break through: personalized service

different industries have different first and second needs for network management. In other words, different industries have common management needs, and the nature of their industries determines the existence of individual management needs

for example, the entry point of telecommunications and banking is the level of system management. With thousands of servers and hundreds of millions of users, system operation and maintenance cannot be a little stagnant. Education and medical industry are different. The domestic siteview management software does a great job in personalized services, can provide source code level technical support, can quickly customize and develop for the special applications of enterprises, and provide a combination of management strategies for the personalities of different industries, which well meets the special monitoring needs of enterprises

the fourth way to break through: cost performance

price is a killer weapon in all walks of life, even software. Foreign large-scale tube software has excellent performance, but it ignores the specific application environment of the Chinese market, which is directly manifested as being constrained everywhere, and the performance advantage is greatly reduced. At the same time, the price is still high, so the cost performance should be a question mark. In contrast, domestic excellent products have excellent performance, but the price is not on the same order of magnitude as that of large-scale pipe. If applied properly, the cost performance will greatly exceed that of foreign large-scale pipe software

today, when enterprises are becoming more and more sophisticated, CIOs will no longer blindly pursue brands, but tailor their clothes to find products that are most suitable for their own conditions. While software manufacturers will continue to track market demand and actively respond to new requirements and challenges under the new situation. Combined with the views of some mainstream manufacturers and enterprise users, the author believes that the following points will be the direction of network management in the future

taking business as the center

this will still be the primary consideration for the development of software technology. In the domestic environment, the construction of information society is in full swing. At the enterprise level, information is the full network application of business. The smooth operation of business application system is related to the survival and development of enterprises. Therefore, it can be predicted that achieving stable support for various business systems will still be the primary direction of system management efforts

personalization for underlying standardization

at this stage, different devices and different networking technologies are intertwined and confused in the same enterprise. Therefore, it is urgent to develop such a network management mode: designing an open management interface at the bottom, so that the network management software can manage the network equipment of other manufacturers, which means to increase the adaptability and flexibility of the group while standardizing; In the application layer, manufacturers only provide various application programming interfaces (APIs), and various industries make some personalized system applications according to their own needs

intelligent and active management

if the management system only reaches the level of "discovering and notifying the manager in time after a problem occurs", it is far from enough. The intelligent management software can automatically obtain the technical parameters of various equipment in the network, and then intelligent analysis, diagnosis, and even early warning, and can automatically recover the fault, doing everything possible to minimize the possibility of failure, So as to greatly reduce the working pressure of managers, improve work efficiency, and truly reflect the role of network management

open source software

in the United States 3 Add proper cooling medium to the cooling tank, and open source tube software is emerging. In the Linux environment, managers write code according to their own needs to achieve secondary development. In a sense, this realizes the personalization of enterprise applications to a greater extent. This is a new trend of management software, but whether it is suitable for the domestic market remains to be seen

from the perspective of data security, users also have a strong demand for backup. In addition, users generally believe that the support of network management for mobile devices needs to be strengthened. (end)

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