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Shanying International: the company and its subsidiaries received a total of about 148 million yuan of government subsidies

release date: Source: daily economy

Shanying International announced the technical specification for building foundation pit support JGJ 120 (1) 999 in the evening of December 23, saying that from November 6, 2020 to the disclosure date of this announcement, the company and its subsidiaries received a total of about 148 million government subsidies

according to the 2020 semi annual report, the main businesses of Shanying international are papermaking, packaging, special paper, commodity circulation and others, accounting for 56.78%, 20.37%, 11.92%, 6.38% and 4.55% of the revenue respectively

the chairman and general manager of Shanying international are Wu Mingwu, male, 53, senior economist

"individual stock trend" reminder:

1 Shanying International's capital holdings in the North increased by 1418.1 in the past 30 days, adding coupling agent for surface treatment of 520000 shares, accounting for an increase of 0.31% in the proportion of circulating shares

2. No organization has conducted research on Shanying international in the past 30 days

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