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Transportation Packaging Optimization in logistics chain (I)

[Abstract] Based on the analysis of many factors affecting the logistics packaging cost, this paper puts forward the feasible scheme of Packaging Optimization in logistics chain, points out the ways to reduce the total cost of logistics packaging, and finally lists the flow chart of logistics transportation packaging optimization procedure. It is proved by examples that better optimization results can be obtained from the cost of packaging materials and the utilization rate of transportation space

key words: transportation packaging; Logistics chain; Optimize the role of transportation packaging in modern logistics. It is a large-scale unit transportation form to meet the needs of modern transportation

as logistics plays an increasingly important role in the national economy, the status of the concept of logistics in people's minds is increasing. As one of the important links in the logistics industry, transportation packaging has a great impact on the operation efficiency of modern logistics. Modern logistics is one of the earliest environmentally friendly plastic packaging materials in the market. It is a complex and broad concept, which mainly includes processing, warehousing, distribution, loading and unloading, transportation, circulation and so on. Transportation packaging is a part of modern logistics, but its important role cannot be underestimated. The quality of transportation packaging directly affects the degree of preservation and impairment of goods during transportation. According to the function of packaging in the field of commodity circulation, packaging can be divided into three categories: sales packaging, transportation packaging and collective packaging

sales packaging. Sales packaging is characterized by integration with product portfolio, and packaging is in direct contact with products. No matter in terms of the nature, shape, style and other factors of the packaging, we should consider the protection and promotion of goods, that is, the structural modeling should be convenient for circulation and use, and special attention should be paid to the decorative factors such as patterns, words, colors and so on, which can attract the attention of consumers and stimulate their purchase desire. Transportation packaging. Transportation packaging refers to the ability to contain and protect goods, resist the invasion of temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light, rain and snow and other climatic conditions during transportation and storage, and reduce the effect of external forces such as pressure, vibration, impact and friction on goods; It can ensure the safety of products through the handling, storage, handling and other operation links in circulation; It can improve the load and volume of the vehicle; It can shorten various operation time and improve operation efficiency

collective packaging. The use and development of containers have had a great impact on the transportation industry because of the reform of packaging forms. Transportation packaging often starts from the requirements of the end of production, so it often cannot meet the requirements of the post production circulation process. According to the concept of modern logistics, the relationship between modern packaging and logistics is much closer than that with production, and its significance as the starting point of logistics is much greater than that as the end point of production. Therefore, transportation packaging should enter the field of logistics system research

transportation and packaging is one of the indispensable links in the logistics process, but it is different from other links. The related party Xingwang holdings is currently raising funds for the construction of Xi'an new material industrial park from financial institutions and investment institutions, which is an auxiliary processing process. The logistics workflow of a processing enterprise, from raw material supply, parts manufacturing and supply, to warehouse procurement, belongs to another procurement process, and the main product manufacturing is the core part of the production enterprise. When transferring from the main product manufacturing to the finished product warehouse, another auxiliary processing process needs to be added. Transportation and packaging processing belongs to this kind of link. Then there is the major core link in Logistics - circulation and sales process. In a word, transportation packaging has been running through the whole process of logistics since the end of product production, and it is a very important intermediate link in commodity activities

first of all, the transportation packages need to realize the standardization of specifications, that is, to improve the logistics efficiency through the standardization of package size and all space dimensions related to the circulation of goods. ③ here The fixture itself is a locking mechanism, which refers to the space size, including railway trucks and trucks. The basis of this concept is the scientific and reasonable circulation of goods. Standardization of packaging specifications is an integral part of scientific management and an important means of organizing modern circulation. It can improve and guide the production of packaging containers, improve transportation efficiency, and improve the mode of business operation

therefore, the standardization of transportation package specifications is of great significance to the national economy, especially international trade. Packaging standardization is an important condition for realizing packaging modernization, an important means of organizing packaging modernization, and an important symbol of a country's logistics level and packaging technology level. The basic purpose of transportation packaging is to ensure that the product can perform its intended function when in use

a properly designed transportation package can not only prevent the product from being damaged due to pressure, vibration and impact, but also prevent it from being damaged due to theft, and can avoid being adversely affected by natural factors. The first point to reflect the rationality of product packaging is to protect the value of products and facilitate loading, unloading, storage and transportation; The second point is the economy of packaging. Non-standard and unreasonable structural dimensions are bound to increase the cost of transportation and storage

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