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Reconstruction of polysilicon industry order

according to the "access conditions" issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the minimum capital ratio in the investment of new and reconstruction and expansion polysilicon projects shall not be less than 30%; Surrounding areas with high environmental requirements (2) food producers are not allowed to build polysilicon projects within 1000 meters of purchasing food related products; New polysilicon projects will not be approved in principle until the new catalogue of government investment project approval is issued; The scale of each phase of solar grade polysilicon project has experienced 107 years of development and innovation, and is greater than 3000 tons/year; The reduction power consumption of solar grade polysilicon is less than 80 kwh/kg, etc. In addition, the access conditions also stipulate that by the end of 2011, the reduction power consumption of solar grade polysilicon must be less than 60 kwh/kg, and solar grade polysilicon production lines with a comprehensive power consumption of more than 200 kwh/kg will be eliminated

"in this industry, only a few are large enterprises. 80% of polysilicon manufacturers are small enterprises, and most of them are determined to enter this field at a high price in recent years. The production capacity of these enterprises is generally around 100 tons. Compared with the access conditions this time, they basically can't meet the requirements in terms of scale and energy consumption." An industry insider who declined to be named told this

according to incomplete statistics, there are 370 photovoltaic enterprises in 29 provinces and cities in China, including more than 80 polysilicon enterprises. Relevant people have previously pointed out that there are no unified energy consumption, land occupation and environmental protection standards for domestic polysilicon production. Most polysilicon enterprises are still difficult to compete with foreign enterprises in terms of cost and quality, and about 80% of polysilicon production enterprises are difficult to get rid of the doom of being eliminated

"however, in the short term, the access conditions still give small enterprises a buffer period, and it is unlikely that they will withdraw from the market and change production intensively." As for the role of the "access conditions" on the polysilicon industry, some insiders said in an interview that the implementation of the conditions is conducive to the healthy development of China's polysilicon industry in the long run, is also of great significance to eliminate backward production capacity and reduce the overall production cost of polysilicon, and is conducive to the sustainable development of the entire solar energy industry. More importantly, with the increase of the entry threshold, the future expansion of polysilicon production will be concentrated in several existing enterprises with domestic and foreign experience in building energy conservation, which show certain technical advantages and the advantages of large belt deformation. The pressure on the supply side will become the driving force for the continuous rise of polysilicon prices in the short term

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