Oracle officially launched Oracle blockchain cloud

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Oracle officially launched Oracle blockchain cloud service, which has two advantages: fast and safe

Oracle announced the official launch of Oracle blockchain cloud service, which has been deployed by many global enterprises first, and can help enterprises easily build blockchain networks, trade in a more secure and efficient way, and track goods in the global supply chain. Many multinational enterprises or institutions, such as Arab Jordan investment bank, cargosmart under OOCL, Indian oil in 2017, and Nigeria customs, have adopted the Oracle blockchain platform

through blockchain technology, enterprise transactions will become safer, more transparent, resource-saving and efficient. Blockchain technology also brings revolutionary changes to the business model of various industries. Oracle blockchain cloud service is quite groundbreaking, providing enterprises with a development platform to build their own blocklinks, quickly integrate Oracle SaaS with the application services of existing third-party manufacturers, and integrate Oracle PAAS with other blocklinks. In addition, the service also supports the blockchain network configured by users, which can join other organizations, deploy, run smart contracts, and update and query the ledger. With Oracle's decades of experience in the industry and partner ecosystem, the Oracle blockchain platform can reliably share and execute transactions with suppliers, banks and other trading partners through the blockchain

Amit zavery, executive vice president of Oracle cloud platform, said: "Blockchain technology is expected to become one of the most revolutionary technologies of this generation. It is exciting after the official release of Oracle blockchain cloud service, which is the result of years of research and development through our joint efforts with partners and customers. Enterprises using Oracle platform will be able to pay more attention to their core business, reduce unnecessary processes, deal in a decentralized way, and enjoy unprecedented transparency and security."

oracle blockchain cloud platform is based on the hyperledger fabric technology of Linux foundation, with all underlying related technologies, container lifecycle management, event service, identity management, rest proxy pre installed, as well as a series of operation and monitoring tools integrated in a single console, which can speed up the construction and application development process. Oracle blockchain cloud service is a cloud platform managed by Oracle. Its availability SLA is as high as 99.95%. It has built-in high availability, autonomous recovery mechanism and continuous backup function of ledger accounts to realize disaster recovery mechanism of cross domain and multiple databases

benefiting from the various capabilities of Oracle cloud platform, Oracle blockchain cloud platform can integrate with existing cloud, local deployment application software, API management, and various application development environments and tools, plug-and-play. In addition, Oracle also provides a new SaaS application, which extends blockchain technology to various use scenarios, such as track and tracking, traceability, guarantee and use, and cold chain. The plug and play function can support the application software of Oracle and its partners, accelerate the integration with diversified recording systems, greatly accelerate the speed of product launch, and increase the value of the blockchain platform itself

robert Parker, vice president of IDC manufacturing and retail insight group, said, "after enterprises and governments began to discover the value of decentralized accounts and smart contracts, blockchain projects quickly changed from testing to formal application. With the continuous increase of enterprise technology expenditure, buyers need an enterprise level platform beyond the Kaiyuan platform to ensure data security, integrity, scalability, manageability and interoperability."

evaluation on the use of Oracle blockchain cloud services

blockchain has subverted almost all industries and is widely used in vertical fields such as transportation, supply chain, logistics, energy, retail, e-commerce, finance, public sector, etc. Many organizations and industry associations, including global freight leaders, multinational manufacturers, food producers and energy markets, have used Oracle blockchain cloud services to reduce the pressure of processing transactions, track goods through the supply chain, and then reduce costs. For example, Oracle joined the food safety consortium and is also a member of the Alliance for telecommunications industry solutions, participating in the construction of blockchain

Mr. xiaoqihao, CEO of cargosmart, said: (3) the belt driving the force measuring piston to rotate fell off "We are using an application developed by Oracle blockchain cloud service to simplify the complex paperwork process that makes the freight industry unbearable. The omni-directional characteristics of cloud services enable us to quickly convert prototypes into products in just a few 12 week sprint cycles. So far, we have really felt that the development efficiency is more than 30% higher than other blockchain platforms originally tested. In addition, Oracle blockchain cloud service Business management and operation tools can also enable our business partners to monitor all blockchain activities and road operations. "

Dr. Terence Lau, convener of the food safety consortium in Hong Kong, said: "Welcome Oracle to become a member of the non-profit organization platform established by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The alliance is committed to using science and technology to promote global food safety. As cross domain knowledge is widely used in food safety and food quality, we are happy to cooperate with Oracle to improve food traceability, tracking and safety maintenance by using blockchain, big data and other IT applications. We look forward to using Oracle blockchain cloud services to improve Improve and accelerate food safety actions in Hong Kong and even the world. "

Ayman qadoumi, deputy general manager of information technology and security at Arab Jordan investment bank, said: "Oracle blockchain platform can reduce costs, improve efficiency, strengthen security, reduce the complexity of electronic transfer, and finally improve the customer experience. Considering the industrial needs and the need to comply with bank regulations, the characteristics of Oracle blockchain platform, such as identity management and data encryption, have become our ideal first choice. Rest API also accelerates the time we spend developing services with suppliers, as well as the speed of integrating existing core services."

andrea biagianti, chief information officer of certified origins, said: "We are a manufacturer starting from a small-scale family farm in Italy and purchasing super virgin olive oil raw materials. We hope to track the brand BELLUCCI EVOO sold to the United States, that is, the whole supply chain from olive trees to store shelves. Oracle blockchain service simplifies all execution and collaboration, and brings us a real competitive advantage. This service provides higher transparency and richer information, which is for consumers who pursue high-quality products It is very important to help us continue to operate and support the small farms we cooperate with. "

Brian behrendorf, executive director of hyperledger, said: "More and more enterprises are beginning to test and discover the value created by blockchain technology, including simplifying internal processes and establishing reliable networks with partners, customers and third-party manufacturers. The Oracle platform is based on hyperledger fabric, and also supports non Oracle hyperledger fabric. In response to open standards and interoperability principles, enterprises can use blockchain quickly, easily and safely to improve their own business processes. "

Digital is the stress at the tangent point between the stress elastic hysteresis strain curve and the inclined line. Juan Jos Miranda, blockchain project manager, said: "Oracle blockchain platform is very flexible and is a simple development platform. This platform has enterprise level scalability, making it an ideal platform for rapid deployment of blockchain. This platform is our main development platform for participating in New York consensus Hackathon 2018. With its powerful features, we successfully impressed the judges and won the competition."

mto CEO Suwan Kim said, "when we decide that blockchain is to achieve" mileage to opportunity. " After the ideal technology of customer loyalty program, we find the right supplier through strict process. We are confident that Oracle's pre installed blockchain cloud service can quickly establish a trusted platform for passengers to exchange credit card points and airline miles for tokens. This platform also provides a simple and continuous management mechanism, as well as the required security, scalability and flexibility. "

Abir t Benjamin, assistant auditor general of the modernization Department of Nigeria customs service, said: "We use the Oracle blockchain cloud service to build a reliable platform to improve the process and program automation of customs cargo trade. Using this technology, we found that the entire business 6. The accuracy environment of computer software analysis data can be migrated to the blockchain to achieve process automation, transparency and predictability. After the migration to the blockchain, our revenue is expected to increase by about 50%. This technology helps Nigeria's domestic market The products manufactured have established a reliable information platform, enabling Nigerian enterprises to gain the trust of global consumers. "

nikolaos vasilonikolidakis, CEO of neurosoft, said: "In accounts receivable factoring and supply chain finance, using Oracle blockchain platform is the most suitable choice. It turns the fragmented process between different systems into a common foundation that everyone can trust for mutual reference, conflict resolution and process simplification. It is very important to reduce the risk in accounts receivable. Oracle blockchain platform establishes a common foundation that can settle transactions almost instantly."

michael Ribet, sofbang product development manager, said: "The Oracle blockchain platform brings sofbang a solution to build a smart contract supply chain for customers. We very much like the rich functions and strong scalability of the platform. Blockchain technology can be seamlessly integrated with current key business applications. Through Oracle blockchain cloud services, our customers and their trading partners can communicate more reliably and quickly, and the business efficiency is expected to increase by as much as 35%."

jason loyet, CEO of solar site design, said, "in the solar project ecosystem, all participants need a single and immutable source of records. We funded the establishment of an energy blockchain network at the beginning of the year." In this way, the latest status of all projects can be trusted by everyone. We can now manage the status of projects, list subsequent needs, and reward valuable contributions almost instantly. What we are most satisfied with is that the blockchain API pre installed on the Oracle blockchain platform greatly simplifies the integration with the netsuite suitecloud development platform, enabling us to easily explore and develop new ways of smart contracts, managing projects and incentive programs. "

Amit baid, CEO of tradefin, said, "we are committed to" business to business " In terms of payment and supply chain financing services, the blockchain platform is used safely, smoothly and widely, so as to significantly improve the speed of enterprises, their suppliers and bank accounts. Driven by the rest API, Oracle blockchain platform provides the same rich integration options as Oracle cloud platform, helping us quickly log our existing customers online. In addition, Oracle s

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