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Data report after the 2008 Industrial Automation Exhibition

"2008 Industrial Automation Exhibition" was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 4-8, 2008. The total exhibition area of this "industrial automation exhibition" reached 30000 square meters, attracting 485 exhibitors from Germany, Italy, the United States, France, Russia, Belarus, Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea China, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and other 24 countries and regions, including Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and Belarus, participated in the form of government delegations. The total number of visitors reached 57022

"China Industrial Expo Industrial Automation Exhibition" has been committed to building a service platform for the automation industry, promoting the innovation and development of automation technology, and providing support for comprehensively improving the level of modern equipment manufacturing industry. Continuing the brilliance of the previous industrial automation exhibition, this exhibition brings together first-class enterprises and cutting-edge technologies from the global automation industry, of which more than 50% of the exhibitors are from abroad. They comprehensively display advanced automation products, robotics and integrated automation solutions at all levels, from production and assembly to operation and management, to improve the level of modern manufacturing industry

during the exhibition, rich on-site activities provide exhibitors with a broader display platform. "2008 the fourth CIIF 8226; mm new automation forum", "controllengineeringchina2008 best product award ceremony and innovative product conference", "2008 the third Shanghai international advanced robot technology development forum", "2008oem mechanical design technology seminar", "China Power Engineer Technology Exchange Conference", "2008 International Robot and automation seminar" "The 7th MES (Manufacturing Execution System) development and application seminar", "the 4th China intelligent Electrotechnical forum", etc. These high-level conferences and forums provide a more professional communication and exchange platform for technical exchanges and economic and trade cooperation between Chinese and foreign manufacturers

this exhibition covers new technologies and products in various fields of industrial automation, including production automation, electrical systems, robotics, industrial automation software, microelectronics, etc., and brings together well-known enterprises in the industry, such as abb, Siemens, Schneider, FANUC, tycoelectronics, Fuji Electric, Shanwu, Yokogawa, and Zhongda Diantong, Leading enterprises also include baomeng electronics, Phoenix Contact, Turk, Weitu, machiyang, p+f, Weilang electric, HARTING, Lenz, Hollysys, Keshi trade, Beifu electric, Danfoss, pirci, schke, Advantech, Yanxiang group, schmeisai, weidemiller, heyouxun, IFM, red lion, France rainbow, aucotec, IMA electronics, Sanken Lida, Wago, Dalian puchuan, yingweiteng, humer There are countless cables and so on. Well known brands in the field of automation at home and abroad gathered together, and the on-site release of new technologies and products and the on-site demonstration of advanced solutions have become the highlights of this exhibition

as an industry event at the end of the year, this exhibition has also received widespread attention from the majority of media and professional peers. 30 domestic mainstream media such as CCTV, Shanghai TV, liberation, Wen Wei Po, etc. have reported the exhibition in detail. In addition, professional media in the industry such as electromechanical business daily, China industry news, controlengineering China, China industrial control, western industrial control, China industrial control International industrial automation and others have made detailed reports and comments on the live situation of the exhibition

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many seminars and forums in 2008 were held at the same time with the exhibition, creating a good effect of the trinity of technology, industry and trade, such as "the fourth 2008 CIIF; mm; new automation forum", "control engineering china2008 best product award ceremony and innovation put samples in place product conference" "2008 the third Shanghai international advanced robot technology development forum", "2008oem machine design technology seminar", "China Power Engineer Technology Exchange Conference", "2008 International Robot and automation seminar", "the seventh MES (Manufacturing Execution System) development and application seminar", "the fourth China Intelligent Electrical Technology Forum", etc. Attract a large number of professional visitors, and provide the first platform for trade exchanges for the majority of exhibitors

2008 · the fourth CIIF · mm · new automation forum

date: November, 2008

location: InterContinental Shanghai Jinjiang Tomson Hotel, Shanghai New International Expo Center

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