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Schneider Electric lifeison added color to the green data center

by 2017, it will create 100 pilot green data centers around key areas, improve the energy efficiency of pilot data centers by more than 8% on average, formulate 4 national standards related to green data centers, promote 40 best practices in advanced and applicable technologies, products and operation and maintenance management of green data centers, and formulate guidelines for the construction of green data centers. In March, 2015, "national green data pilot work plan for more than 60 enterprise centers in Japan, including Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen and Xerox"

with the rapid development of informatization, the pace of global data center construction has significantly accelerated, with a total of more than 3million, and the power consumption accounts for 1.1% - 1.5% of the total global power consumption. Its high energy consumption has attracted the attention of governments all over the world

the state starts the construction of green data centers

in recent years, China's data centers have developed rapidly, with a total of more than 400000, and the annual power consumption exceeds 1.5% of the total social power consumption, of which the pue of most data centers is still generally greater than 2.2 At the same time, the data center produces a lot of greenhouse gas emissions, consumes a lot of water resources, and causes great pollution after its equipment is abandoned, which brings great challenges to resources and the environment

in order to promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's data center industry, the state has issued the guiding opinions on the construction layout of data centers and the guiding opinions on Further Strengthening the energy conservation and emission reduction work in the communication industry, and put forward the principles that data centers should abide by and the relevant energy conservation and environmental protection requirements. At the same time, relevant standards for green data centers have been approved and issued, and third-party non-governmental organizations have also launched the green classification evaluation of data centers

in order to further strengthen the construction of green data centers, the national green data center pilot work plan was formulated in March 2015, which intends to improve the energy conservation and environmental protection level of data centers by focus, field and step by step

the plan points out that the basic principle of building a green data center is to attach equal importance to energy efficiency improvement and low-carbon environmental protection. Vigorously improve the energy efficiency of the data center, strengthen the utilization of renewable energy and distributed energy supply, effectively reduce carbon emissions and water resource consumption, effectively control the use of toxic and harmful substances, strengthen the recycling and treatment of waste equipment, and comprehensively build a green data center

green dream of enterprises

not only that, with the vigorous development of mobile Internet, IOT and cloud computing, as an important carrier of information, data centers have ushered in a new wave of construction. The number and scale of data centers are not only increasing, but also growing. Energy consumption is more prominent as an aluminum alloy and operating costs

enterprises have found that although various common technical means of energy conservation, emission reduction and energy efficiency improvement have been used, due to the imperfect monitoring and management of some electronic parts and circuit boards sensitive to static electricity, the insufficient intelligence of equipment and the lack of linkage and coordination, there are still some blind spots in the management and optimization of energy efficiency, which is at a relatively early stage

on the one hand, data centers are power eating monsters. For example, a data center with 1000 racks, calculated by the average power of each rack of 3KW, the final load is 3kw*1000=3000kw, and the power consumption per hour. 3 it is found that the unit will emit a kind of waste gas called non methane total hydrocarbon during production, 000 degrees. The annual power consumption is 3000kW * 24 hours/day * 365 days =kwh. If the power charge is 1 yuan/kwh, the annual power charge is 26.28 million yuan, plus the air conditioning, lighting and other power consumption of the data center, For a data center with a pue of 2, the annual electricity charge is about 50million yuan

on the other hand, the energy efficiency of data centers is generally low and energy waste is huge. For enterprises, the electricity charge of data center has become an unbearable burden, which greatly squeezes the operating profits of enterprises. For example, China Unicom had an operating revenue of $40.7 billion and a profit of $1.2 billion in 2012, but its electricity expenditure was as high as $1.7 billion

this waste of resources has caused great management pressure to enterprises. Energy waste is not only a simple environmental problem, but also a major hidden danger threatening the survival of enterprises. With the continuous rise of energy costs and power demand, ensuring the efficient operation of the data center and maintaining its normal operation time are also crucial to consolidating the profitability of enterprises

Schneider Electric lifeison helps green data center

Schneider Electric is a global company focusing on energy management and automation. It has 170000 employees in more than 100 countries around the world, and its revenue reached 25 billion euros in 2014. It helps customers manage their energy and business processes, and ensures their safety, reliability and continuity. From simple transformation to complex operating system, Schneider Electric has improved and automated its customers' business processes with its own technology, software and services. Schneider Electric's connection technology will reshape the industry, change the city and enrich people's lives

in Schneider Electric, we call it lifeison. Its vision is to change the way of energy consumption, optimize industrial automation processes, support business decisions, and improve people's quality of life

as a global energy efficiency management expert and opinion leader in the data center power and refrigeration industry, Schneider Electric data center energy management services can help you evaluate, audit, monitor and manage the energy use of the entire data center physical infrastructure from cabinets to buildings

specifically, put forward energy efficiency improvement suggestions around availability, capacity, flexibility and performance optimization. Optimize energy utilization while maximizing operation time. In addition, by helping enterprises plan the scale of infrastructure on demand, optimize air flow direction, improve the energy efficiency level of equipment operation and make efficient use of the space in the data center, they can help enterprises effectively reduce energy expenditure. So that enterprises can focus on the spending and operation of key businesses, and ensure that the data center always focuses on business and drives the future

at the same time, Schneider Electric has unparalleled advantages in data center services. The services provided by Schneider Electric cover the whole life cycle of the data center, from the preliminary design and planning, to the provision of comprehensive solutions, engineering construction, as well as the operation and maintenance and maintenance services after the data center is put into operation, with a wide range of customer bases and application cases

Schneider Electric's new brand strategy of lifeison also includes a series of new solutions and services, which will further consolidate Schneider Electric's dominant position in the field of energy efficiency and automation, and continue to bring customers an interconnected, sustainable, efficient, safe and reliable experience

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