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Schneider Electric made a wonderful appearance at the 2015 open data center summit

the number of openings attracting worldwide attention is usually no problem. According to the center 2015 Summit (odcc 2015), it was grandly held at the National Convention Center in Beijing. The conference was hosted by the open data center committee (odcc). Alibaba, 8. Press function, save set key Baidu, Tencent, Chinatelecom, China Mobile, and China Academy of information and communications. After successfully holding odcc 2014 and releasing the Scorpio 2.0 technical specification last year, this is another industry event held in the field of data centers in China

Shi Baochun, technical manager of solutions in China

in 2015, the deployment of Scorpio's whole cabinet servers will exceed 3000 cabinets, exceeding the total deployment of the previous three years. This is a group of data released by the open data center committee to the media a few days ago. At the same time, the Scorpio 2.5 released at the 2015 summit of situational mind, a tunable report in open data this year, has achieved a number of optimizations compared with the Scorpio Full cabinet server technical specification 2.0 technical specification released last September. As the main supplier of the Scorpio project, Schneider Electric also joined the open data center committee (the application of od in production is actually a very critical CC), and by sharing its advantages in the field of technology, it participated in the formulation of unified technical specifications for China's modular data center and Scorpio cabinet, so as to jointly build an open industrial ecological environment and promote the development of the data center industry towards openness, innovation, sharing and win-win. And by providing customized services, we can meet the demand transformation from made in China to designed in China

at the conference, Shi Baochun, technical manager of Schneider Electric solutions in China, shared experience on cutting-edge technologies such as Scorpio cabinets, micro module data centers, and prefabricated module data centers. Xi Xiaoqing, the Architect Manager of it business department, gave a wonderful speech and a heated round table discussion on how to build an efficient and modular data center

As a global energy efficiency management expert, Schneider Electric has rich experience in how to build an energy-efficient and green data center. Schneider Electric's philosophy is that data center is the cornerstone and core driving force to realize energy efficiency economy. Schneider Electric is based on the idea of life is on, and is committed to promoting energy efficiency economy and building energy efficiency cloud. In the field of it, Schneider Electric provides customers with leading modular solutions and the most comprehensive and flexible solutions with standardized modular architecture

in the cooperation with bat, Schneider Electric also applies the most advanced Prefabrication Technology to all aspects of the data center. In the process of assisting a bat company to build an IDC mobile laboratory in Qingdao, Schneider Electric provided a complete set of container data centers including it, power, refrigeration, fire control, automatic control, access control and so on. The mobility and highly customized characteristics of the container data center meet the requirements of customers for rapid deployment and testing in different locations, and once again consolidate Schneider Electric's leading position in the prefabrication of the Internet industry. Earlier, Schneider Electric customized the first container data center project for Baidu; All these have laid a solid foundation for Schneider Electric to deepen its cooperation with bat and work together for innovation in the future

through this meeting, Schneider Electric fully demonstrated its ability and determination to build an Energy-Efficient Data Center. As a global energy efficiency management expert, Schneider Electric will take it as its own responsibility to improve the market competitiveness of customers and contribute to the industrial upgrading of data centers

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