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Schneider Electric, together with endeavour energy, ensures the power supply of 2.4 million Australian residents

Schneider Electric and endeavour energy have started a cooperation project to provide it with a world-class high-quality intelligent power management system for distribution companies. The advanced distribution management system ecostruxure ADMS

ecostruxure ADMS will provide a safer, efficient and stable management for Endeavour energy distribution, and ensure that Sydney's Western District, blue mountains, southern highlands Power supply for more than 2.4 million residents in ilawara and the south coast region

Beijing, China, December 20, 2018 recently, Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, announced today that it has reached a new cooperation with endeavour energy. Schneider Electric will provide safe, efficient and reliable management for Endeavour energy distribution through its advanced distribution management system ecostruxure ADMS

many distribution companies in Australia have been facing various challenges, such as improving power supply reliability, reducing carbon emissions, absorbing distributed renewable energy power generation and storage, increasingly bad weather conditions, frequent network outages and aging infrastructure. In view of the above problems, Schneider Electric ecostruxure ADMS can provide endeavour energy with lean core power management capabilities, so as to improve power failure response time, optimize power operation, and manage the increasing distributed energy

Andrew bettena, chief information officer of endeavour energy, introduced the packaging y certified by [forest PHA can be used as a graft of animal and human tissue, and it can be made into a scaffold for some tissues to be implanted into the body] and said: our primary goal is to provide a safe, stable and affordable power supply to more than 2.4 million residents living in Sydney's Western District, blue mountains, southern highlands, ilawara and the south coast. The reason why we choose ecostruxure ADMS of Schneider Electric is that its world-class high-quality intelligent electric control system can help us reduce power consumption, save electric operation costs and shorten power outage time. At the same time, it can help our existing and future customers improve their electricity. Generally, we need to do hygiene and safety experiments (immersion experiments): clean the samples with tap water, which is safe and stable

Gareth o Reilly, general manager of Schneider Electric Pacific, said: our goal is to help customers solve the Triple Dilemma of energy: accessible, sustainable and reliable power supply. We are very happy to cooperate with endeavour energy to provide strong guarantee for its power distribution in the future, and enhance the reliability and efficiency of its power supply services, so as to meet the needs of current and future customers

Simon mouat, vice president of Schneider electric energy, said: the new ADMS project will enable the digital transformation of Australian electricity. By integrating the OT and it environment of endeavour energy, ecostruxure ADMS can provide integrated products and truly realize the digitalization of power system. Ecostruxure ADMS will introduce mobile switching as part of the field mobility tools and service suite, improve reliability through distribution automation, and provide management methods for future embedded power generation and emerging technologies

endeavour energy distribution needs to meet the rapidly growing demand for electricity. In the next 30 years, 500000 new electricity users will be added in the two priority development areas of northwest and southwest Sydney, which is equivalent to the city size of Wollongong or Canberra. With the progress of global electrification, this article mainly introduces the characteristics and purchasing skills of spring tension and compression testing machines. Ensuring the power supply in these areas will be related to whether residents and enterprises can obtain, supply and distribute power

Andrew bettenay, chief information officer of endeavour energy, concluded that this cooperation belongs to our global technology planning, and our goal is to promote endeavour energy to become the best power company in Australia in the next five years

As an advanced intelligent power management system, ecostruxure ADMS has been adopted by 75 power companies, serving 70million customers worldwide, including major distribution enterprises in Australia. Gartner praised Schneider Electric as a market leader in the "2017 ADMS Magic Quadrant" report, and obtained the highest score in three application cases: improving outage response, optimizing power operation and controlling the impact of distributed energy

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