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Schneider Electric powertag terminal distribution intelligent system: terminal intelligence is in place

at present, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies are accelerating the intelligent development of distribution field

on August 29, 2018, Beijing, China - recently, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, grandly held a new powertag terminal distribution partner branch at its "2018 ecostruxure power intelligent distribution digital summit". The system is based on ecostruxure architecture and platform, It can form a complete radio energy measurement scheme from low-voltage main power distribution to improve the utilization level of non-ferrous metal materials to terminal power distribution. Through a compact and simplified way, it can easily realize the interconnection of power distribution equipment and provide users with a safer, reliable, efficient and intelligent power consumption experience

Schneider Electric powertag terminal distribution intelligence has promoted the release of domestic lithium manganate production system

at present, technologies such as, big data are accelerating the intelligent development of distribution field. With the increasing demand for electricity, how to effectively monitor and manage a large number of decentralized and independently operated distribution equipment by digital means in the space and installation of distribution system, while ensuring stable power supply and eliminating potential safety hazards, Further improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption have become the focus of users' attention

as a leader in the field of power distribution, Schneider Electric has always been based on customer needs and continued to innovate. The theme of this session revolves around the powertag terminal distribution intelligent system. Powertag is a new representative of the interconnection product layer of Schneider Electric ecostruxure power intelligent distribution architecture, and can flexibly form an end-to-end radio energy measurement solution from low-voltage main distribution to terminal distribution according to user needs, including powertag NSX, powertag FD radio energy measurement module, and acti9 powertag link Si d/b smart switch module, covering a wider range of application scenarios:

• perfect docking of architecture, High speed deployment: in the way of plug and play, it is installed integrally with the circuit breaker, compatible with all kinds of distribution systems, avoiding damaging the instrument system due to short circuit, improving the installation speed by 50%, saving 15% of the space in the cabinet, effectively shortening the shutdown time and ensuring the reliable operation of the system

• safety visualization, efficient operation and maintenance: Based on different load characteristics and application scenarios, real-time monitoring and visualization of parameters including electric energy, energy consumption and so on, to achieve efficient operation and maintenance, reduce costs, and significantly improve energy efficiency and safety sustainability

• data acquisition and transmission, opening and closing control: in a wireless way, avoid communication wiring errors, ensure the accurate acquisition and rapid transmission of system data, form effective control based on data, make reasonable decisions, and further improve the level of operation and management

from left to right are Schneider Electric powertag NSX, powertag FD radio energy measurement module, and acti9 powertag link Si d/b smart switch module

for the release of the new system, Xu Dong, marketing director of smart power distribution business of Schneider Electric cooperation business China division, said: "Based on ecostruxure power intelligent distribution digital architecture, Schneider Electric is constantly accelerating the innovation of the industry. Through the powertag terminal distribution intelligent system, it truly gives different types of customers such as building construction, commercial chain and end users a new experience of smart and safe power consumption. At the same time, it also provides terminal distribution partners with more diversified products and business models, helping partners in the escalating competition in the terminal distribution market Take the lead. "

Schneider Electric P but according to our experience, owertag terminal distribution intelligent system partner branch site

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