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Schneider Electric is the first to launch a new generation of distribution system easy IPM in China. On October 17, 2011, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, recently announced the launch of a new generation of standardized preset low-voltage distribution system easy IPM in China. This is another product launched by Schneider Electric that is specially developed for the Chinese market. The launch of this new product is not only an important achievement of Schneider Electric's original strategy in China, but also highlights Schneider Electric's solid efforts to actively promote the standardization development and technological progress of China's low-voltage distribution system

Mr. Mo Renyue, China marketing and business development director of Schneider Electric Power Distribution Division, said: as a leader in the global power distribution field, Schneider Electric has always been deeply concerned about the needs of customers. This time, it launched a new generation of standardized preset low-voltage distribution system easy IPM, which inherits the simple and fast advantages of IPM series, and can provide customers with standardized and modular cabinets. It still shows a variety of problem systems, Build a unified communication platform in the industry, greatly improve efficiency and reduce costs. This is Schneider Electric's first innovative attempt to advocate standardized solutions for low-voltage distribution systems in China. It will become a new milestone in Schneider Electric's years of professional experience in low-voltage distribution and industry evolution, and lead the trend of industry standardization

the new generation of standardized preset low-voltage distribution system easy IPM has excellent performance in simplicity, ease of use and high reliability, and can provide customers with a fast and flexible experience to help customers achieve green 2 Spring height: 100 (3) 00mm; The goal of energy conservation. First of all, easy IPM uses the software of proprietary and easy-to-use selection tools, which can help designers complete the rapid selection of cabinets in 2 minutes; Thirdly, easy IPM advocates the installation method of building blocks and the assembly process of one screwdriver per person, which provides great convenience for installation and maintenance, and truly realizes fast and simple installation; Thirdly, easy IPM can provide 600HP power and 1000nm torque grid type test through corrosion resistance, static load, lifting, door lock strength and short circuit in the cabinet. It also has patented technology of door lock structure to fully ensure that the customer's application equipment is safe. In addition, easy IPM is committed to providing a comfortable visual experience and achieving perfect integration with applications such as buildings and residences

as a global energy efficiency management expert, Schneider Electric has always maintained a leading position in the field of low-voltage power distribution -- Peng Zhijun, interior technical manager of the technical center of JAC automobile company, leading the trend of power distribution technology development, and its products are widely used in key engineering projects around the world. With in-depth research on customer needs and a deep understanding of the low-voltage distribution market and complete sets of projects, Schneider Electric has repeatedly launched innovative products, including IPM family standardized preset low-voltage distribution systems, first to fifth generation terminal distribution systems, etc., which have a far-reaching impact on the development of the distribution industry

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