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Schneider Electric joined hands with Panasonic refrigerators to make rapid progress towards green intelligent manufacturing

recently, the global expert on digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, Schneider Electric and its brand eliwell, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Panasonic refrigeration systems (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Panasonic refrigerators). The two sides will make full use of their respective technical resource platforms to establish a close strategic comprehensive cooperative relationship. Recently, Schneider Electric, a global expert in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, and its brand eliwell signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Panasonic refrigeration systems (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Panasonic refrigeration). The two sides will make full use of their respective technology resource platforms, establish a close strategic comprehensive cooperative relationship, form the sharing and interaction of products and technologies, form a technology strategic alliance, and achieve win-win cooperation. As influential leaders in their respective fields, the two sides will work together to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the refrigeration industry and move quickly towards the goal of green intelligent manufacturing

Schneider Electric and its brand eliwell have signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Panasonic refrigerators

in recent years, with the intensification of the energy crisis and the acceleration of urbanization, how to improve the system control and availability through digital means to meet new challenges has become the focus of users, the industry and the government for the refrigeration and HVAC facilities and systems in Shanghai, which consume a lot of energy in the industrial and commercial environment. As a major supplier of complete HVAC-R solutions for domestic commercial and industrial applications, eliwell has been deeply engaged in the refrigeration and HVAC industry for nearly 40 years. With its deep understanding of the industry and the support of the overall green intelligent manufacturing solution from Schneider Electric, eliwell has always been committed to creating excellent HVAC-R control products and complete solutions, improving customer equipment energy efficiency and interoperability, and reducing the operating cost of the whole life cycle Save energy and increase efficiency, and ultimately enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of customers. The pursuit of quality and the emphasis on environmental protection have deepened the cooperation between the two sides

"The cooperation between Panasonic refrigerator and Schneider Electric is natural. From low-voltage components to the complete scheme cooperation of China's first integrated refrigeration unit, commercial freezer, cold storage and IOT's CO2 transcritical system, and continuous technology export to Japan and other markets, mutual understanding and trust are gradually deepened. In the future, the cooperation between the two sides in green new refrigerant, energy-saving and efficient industry scheme, intelligent manufacturing and lean production will be complete Face expansion. " RAV Lawana (Shang LeYang), vice president of machine solutions Asia of Schneider Electric Industrial Automation Division, said when talking about the cooperation between the two sides, "The two sides will take promoting the 'green, energy-saving and intelligent development' of the refrigeration industry as their original intention, in line with the principle of 'complementary advantages, mutual benefit, realism and efficiency, and common development', and jointly promote the progress and healthy development of the industry by giving full play to the advantages of technical resources in their respective professional fields.

when it comes to the application, due to the inevitable throttling loss or overflow loss, Neder electrical technical parameters: accuracy grade of the experimental machine: Grade 1, loose Yin Xide, general manager of the refrigeration company, believes that Schneider Electric's leadership in digital transformation and industry application is obvious to all. It continues to enable the terminal market, including HVAC and refrigeration, to carry out digital transformation and energy efficiency management, accelerating the upgrading of relevant industries in the field of intelligent manufacturing. "As a comprehensive solution provider for the R & D, design, manufacturing, sales, engineering installation and construction, maintenance, after-sales and technical services of the cold chain market, with the expansion of the market and the improvement of customer demand, Panasonic refrigerator and Schneider Electric, as industry leaders, will take this cooperation as an opportunity to work together in digital transformation, innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection in the future to intelligently create a new world of cold and warm.

Schneider Electric, with its profound technical accumulation and rich practical experience, has always led the industry in energy efficiency management and digital transformation in the field of automation. Relying on the innovative ecostruxure architecture and platform based on IOT and a higher level of industry segmentation expertise, Schneider Electric has achieved a comprehensive coverage of discrete industry, process industry and hybrid industry. Among them, ecostruxure, which is oriented to the industrial market, integrates the three advantages of lean production, digitalization and automation technology by integrating it and ot technology, so as to maximize the value of data, help customers eliminate information islands between systems, comprehensively improve efficiency, and complete the optimization of production, efficiency and asset management. As a leading enterprise in the refrigeration industry, Panasonic refrigerator has conducted strategic cooperation with Schneider Electric and its brand eliwell. It is believed that it will greatly promote the technical exchange between the two sides, the production and construction cycle of 3 to 5 years, the upgrading of construction products in three phases, and the transformation of the industry towards energy conservation and emission reduction and green intelligent manufacturing

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