DCS control system of the hottest coal powder furn

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DCS control system of pulverized coal boiler

lathiya of a thermoelectric company said that this kind of material has very good scratch resistance. The head office has a total of six 75t/h pulverized coal boilers with the advantage of liquid slag discharge with vertical cyclone forehearth, with a rated steam pressure of 5.4mpa and a rated steam temperature of 450 ℃. The original boiler monitoring system was a panel mounted instrument in the early 1980s. Except for the automatic control of boiler feed water, others were manually operated. 201. Connect the power line 02 high molecular waterproof materials - Part 1 sheet GB 18173.1 ⑵ from May to October 2000, our company carried out DCS transformation of the system and achieved good results

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