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Schneider Electric provides solutions for shoe machines


tr sole is a synthetic material of TPE and rubber. It has the characteristics of many appearance patterns, good hand feel, bright color, high smoothness, high technical content, and can be 100% recycled. It is an environmental friendly sole material

control points:

- accurate temperature PID control

- injection quantity control

- formula

- real time curve, historical curve, historical data storage, printing

system scheme

- HMI uses a fine level with an accuracy of 0.10/1000 mm to find a ± 1 grid xbtg touch screen, a large number of graphic libraries, formula trends and data storage functions to meet various process needs

- Twido PLC is easy to use and flexible, with integrated and modular, supporting Ethernet, MODBUS, CANopen and other bus communication modes

- full power range atv71 series frequency converter, integrated CANopen and MODBUS bus, Chinese operation interface, constant torque output and PID closed-loop feedback regulation; It has good torque characteristics and speed regulation accuracy

Leva injection molding machine scheme

overview: EVA is a kind of foaming raw material for shoes, which can be divided into L, m and s according to the foaming ratio. The shoe-making products have 'insoles', slippers and other similar products with complex technological requirements. The data collection of analog signals is completed through a/d converter. According to the moving structure of the injection gun, the model is divided into two types: linear type and fan type. According to the structure of the molding station, it is divided into two types: direct pressing type and curved shoulder type. There are 10, 8, 6 and 4 molding stations

control requirements

the control system is mainly composed of injection gun, injection seat displacement, mold opening and closing, and further damage control if the temperature structure cannot bear it. Now take six stations' direct pressure type ', double injection gun and mobile linear type as examples to analyze the whole control process and electrical system:

- the requirements of injection gun control process are mainly the control of extrusion volume, the pressure flow is reduced in a curve relationship, and the temperature should be controlled within plus or minus 1 ℃

- it is required to move smoothly, quickly and accurately in the whole process of seat shifting

- fast mold opening control

system scheme

- the operation interface adopts xbtg5230 touch screen with Ethernet port, high-precision graphic display, supporting multiple communication connections, multilingual switching, a large number of graphic libraries, recipes, trends and data storage

- the main CPU adopts the premium series built-in Ethernet port, open network system, and a variety of industrial bus modes to make it more compatible, and realizes the safe remote control of the machine through interconnection

- four Twido twdlcaea40drf are used for substation control. The CPU has built-in Ethernet port and MODBUS port, and the communication between CPUs is completed through ioscan

- atv31 frequency converter is used for seat shifting

l advantages of Schneider shoe machine solution

schneider has automatic industrial control products at the forefront of market leaders: HMI human-machine interface, multi series PLC controller, VSD variable frequency drive, servo positioning control, rich detection sensors, low-voltage components and safety products

the research team has done a lot of experiments - PLC controller realizes high-precision temperature control in multiple temperature zones, and PID parameters are self-tuning

- realize perfect closed-loop tension control in central winding

- ATV series inverter realizes high-precision torque regulation or speed control through analog quantity or fieldbus control

- xbtg series friendly man-machine interface, real-time machine operation data monitoring, formula, data storage and management functions, etc

- a full range of electrical products: low voltage appliances, sensors, safety relays, etc. provide you with a real "overall solution"

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