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Schneider Electric: intelligent wind power system is the "digital grasp" to improve the reliability of offshore wind power operation and maintenance

in case of windows system failure, Chengdu, China, June, 2020. In recent years, offshore wind power, as one of the clean energy with great development potential, is receiving more attention. According to statistics, the global offshore wind power installed capacity increased by 5.2gw in 2019, with a year-on-year increase of 15%, and the cumulative installed capacity reached 27.2gw. However, in August last year, Britain, England and Wales suffered a sudden power outage for an hour, and the ensuing traffic paralysis has left people still fresh in their memories. Subsequent reports said that the power outage was due to the lightning stroke that struck the hornsea one offshore wind farm and the little Barford gas power plant successively. The generator set failed and took off self-protection, resulting in a sharp decline in power frequency, resulting in a large-scale power outage. This accident also sounded an alarm for more power plants. While looking for ways to optimize renewable energy power generation and efficiency, we should also pay more attention to the operation and maintenance of power plants

recently, the science and technology development service center of the China Electricity Council and the wind power technology committee of the China Electricity Council jointly hosted the 2020 (third) offshore wind power operation management and industrial development innovation exchange seminar, and invited experts and enterprises in the field to have in-depth discussions on topics such as industry development trends, new technology applications and whole industry chain innovation. Schneider Electric, an expert in digital transformation in the field of global energy management and automation, was invited to attend this seminar and put forward his views on how we can guarantee the technological development and innovation of the experimental machine from the industry

with the advancement of the new energy revolution, the quality and reliability of renewable energy use have received more attention. Under the dual pressure of power generation efficiency and cost, it is facing great challenges. From the wind turbine to the combination, every link has a great impact on the reliability of the energy system, and the electrical equipment is the foundation for the high reliability of the wind power system, and its operation and maintenance environment is complex, the fault judgment is complex, the operation and maintenance is difficult, and the requirements for long-life cycle operation are high, which greatly affect the efficiency and power quality of the whole system. Therefore, it is imperative to effectively improve the reliability of wind power electrical system

Bing Feng, the market manager of Schneider electric energy efficiency management low voltage business industry, stressed in his speech entitled "helping wind power operation and maintenance, improving the reliability of electrical systems": Generally speaking, better wind resources often lead to higher operation and maintenance difficulties and costs of offshore wind power. Therefore, the wind power electrical system needs to grasp every link from component to system, from design and selection to operation and maintenance management, so as to improve reliability. The deployment of digital technology and intelligent applications can more effectively optimize the full life cycle requirements of monitoring, coordination, operation and maintenance of wind power sensitive electrical equipment, so as to greatly improve the availability of wind power system

Schneider Electric can also save time and effectively manage the low-voltage business. Bing Feng, the market manager of the industry, delivered a speech entitled "helping wind power operation and maintenance, improving the reliability of electrical systems"

as an expert in the field of wind power, Schneider Electric believes that the intelligent wind power system is the digital grasp to improve the reliability of offshore wind power operation and maintenance. Based on ecostruxure architecture and platform, it will cause great changes in experimental power. Schneider Electric takes three-tier architecture, hierarchical compatibility and intelligent controllability as the core to create an intelligent wind power electrical system scheme. Through equipment components integrating reliability and intelligence, Schneider Electric can help offshore wind farms build the foundation of high reliability electrical system of wind power; Rely on Intelligent preventive maintenance system to ensure reliability, cooperate with on-site system level protection, and ensure safe operation; And use the data of the underlying equipment of the wind power system to conduct year-on-year and month on month analysis, refine the key operation and maintenance needs, optimize the equipment and processes, realize the intelligent operation and maintenance of wind power, effectively reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the whole life cycle, so as to help the asset appreciation

in this regard, Zhao Tianyi, head of Schneider Electric's energy efficiency management low-voltage business, industry market and application industry, said: as a participant in the wind power industry, Schneider Electric's innovation begins with customer needs, and continues to upgrade through digital deployment, always people-oriented, for the purpose of sustainability, and continues to release greater potential for the reliability of wind power systems. In the future, we will continue to rely on the first mover advantage of the integration of professional knowledge and digital applications, and work with more partners to achieve a new level of life cycle reliability of wind power systems

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