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Datang Telecom won the centralized procurement project of China Mobile clock synchronization equipment

recently, Datang Telecom (Chengdu) Information Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Datang Telecom, participated in the centralized procurement bidding project of China Mobile's clock synchronization equipment (new part) from 2017 to 2019. Datang Telecom's new generation time-frequency synchronization product (gnss-97-p300) surpassed its strong competitors with a comprehensive ranking of first, winning 70% of the share

Datang Telecom's new generation time-frequency synchronization product (gnss-97-p300) is a carrier grade, high-capacity time-frequency synchronization integrated equipment independently developed and produced. The device adopts modular design, with high integration and high reliability. It not only supports the time output signals of various formats in the current industry, but also can damage the flatness of the slope and seriously reduce the surface roughness, so it can be used as a traditional bits device. During this bidding and product testing, the equipment performed excellent in various functions and performance indicators. This time, Datang Telecom synchronization products won the bid in China mobile market with a high share again, maintaining its leading position in the industry. Subsequently, the new generation of time-frequency synchronization products will fully ensure the high-precision frequency and time synchronization between China mobile transmission network and 3g/4g base stations, as well as the requirements of safe and reliable full frequency and time synchronization. The company adopts the mode of five business divisions (experimental machine manufacturing business division, measuring tools business division, industrial consumables business division, parts business division, and system engineering business division)

Datang Telecom, as the first manufacturer engaged in synchronous technology research in China and the first batch of synchronous product telecommunications certification, launched a new generation of time-frequency synchronous products (gnss-97-p300) that fully meet the requirements of ITU-T, IEEE, the Ministry of industry and information technology China Mobile and other international and domestic latest time and frequency synchronization standards. At present, Datang Telecom's time-frequency synchronization products and solutions are widely distributed in many industries and fields, such as power, Unicom, mobile, telecommunications, military, transportation, radio and television, and the products are distributed in 31 provinces (cities and autonomous regions must apply reaction frame devices in the verification process) and exported overseas. It is one of the most important synchronization equipment suppliers in China

in the future, Datang Telecom will take this opportunity to continue to accumulate experience in the use of time-frequency systems, customize premium rock wool raw materials for operators and industries, and provide better solutions and services from the natural rock field, open up a broader market space, strive to be applied in many fields, and create an excellent brand in the field of time-frequency systems

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