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Datang Telecom promotes the construction of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platforms for state-owned enterprises

on August 26 and 27, the 2016 China industrialization and industrialization integration conference with the theme of innovative development and transformation of manufacturing and interconnection integration was grandly held in Beijing National Convention Center. More than 2000 people attended the meeting, including huaijinpeng, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, leaders of relevant departments and bureaus, Wu Cheng, Wu Hequan, academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and other 66 residential interior partition light panels and industry experts, financial institutions, and representatives of the business community from across the country. Wang Pengfei, President of Datang Telecom Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the conference and made a keynote speech at the Summit Forum on the new model of entrepreneurship and innovation leading development

with the title of exploring the mode of mass entrepreneurship and innovation of state-owned enterprises, President Wang Pengfei delivered a speech, and focused on the construction of mass entrepreneurship and innovation platform of state-owned enterprises, combined with Datang Telecom's practice and experience in mass entrepreneurship and innovation, closely focused on the exploration of practical interconnection + and mass entrepreneurship, and focused on the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem created by the main industry of integrated circuits, and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with industry representatives

in the past two years, Datang Telecom's product fixture should be kept clean at any time. Responding to the call of national Internet + and mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Datang Telecom has successfully built a mobile Internet incubation platform, forming an integrated two wing incubation mode with 369 cloud service platform technology incubation as the main body and investment and financing services and park entrepreneurship services as the two wings. In the future, the company will further focus on the main business of integrated circuits, closely focus on the integrated circuit + industrial layout, take promoting the construction of state-owned enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship platform as an important starting point for deepening the integrated development of manufacturing and interconnection, focus on building the Datang innovation port pan IC industry incubation platform, further promote the practical effect of the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship leading action, and establish and improve the pan IC industry design, test and development, expert technical guidance Technical personnel training and other entrepreneurial guidance services to create an open, shared and win-win comprehensive innovation ecosystem. To establish intelligent and reliable connections for people, vehicles, machines and everything, provide independent, controllable, safe and reliable integrated circuits, applications and system solutions, which greatly increases the strength. By building an open industrial ecosystem in the application fields of mobile Internet, car service, intelligent manufacturing, IOT and so on, we can expand industrial competitiveness

the speech received warm response and extensive praise

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