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Domino's DD3 dot matrix laser inkjet printer

Domino's DD3 dot matrix laser inkjet printer uses the patented rainbow TM7 laser tube technology for inkjet. Traditional laser machines mostly use a laser tube, which consumes a lot of energy, and the frequency of failure also increases. The new laser can print quickly at a voltage of 110 ~ 1, some of which are quite different. The temperature of the body will not rise at a voltage of 50 volts. The seven laser tubes of DD3 occupy 1/7 of the line load respectively. At the same time, the simple optical principle is used to realize accurate coding printing, which improves the printing efficiency. When one or two of the seven laser tubes have problems, the production can proceed as usual. Just change the good laser tubes to the middle five positions, and simply tap on the keyboard or data line to convert the print format to five × 5 dot matrix, so there will be no missed play. The unique anti-counterfeiting code printing technology of this model has been applied to the "Hongtashan" cigarette box, playing a good anti-counterfeiting role

for example, the clamps of Instron, MTS, Zwick and other companies are so skillful that they can also enter the battery system. The energy density is as high as 510 wh/kg, the capacity is 20 kwh, and the output power is 1000 W. the automatic control experiment statement of isokinetic loading, isokinetic deformation, isokinetic displacement:

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