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Schneider Electric launched PLC Modicon m171

for HVAC industry. On October 20, 2014, global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric recently released Modicon m171 series programmable controllers in China. Modicon m171 is a special PLC that meets the needs of HVAC industry. It has mature software and hardware and industry-renowned cost performance. It integrates multi analog application, wireless connection, energy saving, flexible and other functional configurations into a small volume, which is more industry-specific than traditional general-purpose PLC

why is it necessary to design a PLC for HVAC industry instead of using a general-purpose PLC? What can we do to best meet customer needs? With the development of the industry and the individuality of automation products, the country has been vigorously promoting the development and transformation of the plastic recycling granulator industry in recent years. Schneider Electric believes that the design and development of the industry-specific PLC in addition to the general-purpose PLC meets the market development needs. For example, in the HVAC industry, customers are faced with four major challenges: shortening the time to market, simplifying integration and maintenance, promoting machine energy conservation and efficiency, and improving machine profits. Special PLC has unparalleled advantages in terms of industry fit, practicality, and cost savings

m171 high performance

special and simplified PLC can effectively meet the industry challenges

based on the judgment of the future PLC application trend and the requirements of the HVAC industry, the newly launched Modicon m171 of Schneider Electric is customized and integrated with various functions. Compared with the general-purpose PLC, it has built-in more analog inputs and outputs, and can also support the special communication bus and building control bus of the HVAC industry such as BACnet and LonWorks, More targeted to solve the current difficulties faced by industry customers

m171 optimized

shorten the time to market: Modicon m171 series programmable controllers are based on the somachine HVAC programming software under the Schneider Electric somachine software platform, which is indispensable to shorten the time to market. The software is small in size, built-in with a variety of industry function blocks, and has five general programming languages based on IEC standards. The graphical user interface is intuitive and easy to use. Even inexperienced preliminary programmers can get started quickly. Customers can also improve programming efficiency through pre-defined HVAC industry application modules, greatly reducing machine design and development time

improve machine profits: Modicon m171 embeds rich and scalable analog and digital input and output in its incredible exquisite volume. The highly integrated and flexible solution is more economical and practical than general-purpose PLC, which improves the profit space. At the same time, Modicon m171 has extremely high cost performance and competitive advantages, reducing the input cost of customers

promote machine energy conservation and efficiency increase: in order to help HVAC customers save energy and efficiency, Modicon m171 uses frequency converter drive solutions to reduce energy consumption and improve high safety, which is also the basis for resolving excess capacity. With the built-in energy saving and efficiency increasing function block, customers can monitor the energy consumption and efficiency of the machine by using instruments and calculation functions, track the performance in real time and give feedback in time. Therefore, in the whole life cycle of the machine, not only the initial cost of PLC is exciting, but also considerable energy costs can be saved for customers in the process of use and operation efficiency can be improved

simplify integration and maintenance: Modicon m171 is small in size and simple in wiring and installation. It has powerful communication capability, supports various common bus protocols such as BACnet, Ethernet, LonWorks, etc., and can be connected to a flexible and open control system at any time. In addition, the embedded webvideo function makes it easy for customers to use any intelligent terminal for seamless remote control and convenient maintenance anytime, anywhere

Schneider Electric not only fits the application of HVAC industry in the overall performance design of Modicon m171, and solves the worries of customers, but also subdivides Modicon m171 into two series of optimized and high-performance controllers according to the needs of customers at different levels, providing customers with more flexible and efficient choices

for some small pump control equipment, air conditioning boxes, small units or simple machines with more analog quantity, you can choose Modicon m171 optimized series: it is extremely compact, is one of the smallest PLC in the world, has ultra-high cost performance and performance integration, and flexibly realizes the control of simple and compact machines; For large and medium-sized water chillers, office equipment and comprehensive large-scale machinery and equipment with high demand for analog quantity control, Modicon m171 high-performance series has stronger performance in terms of CPU computing power, communication ability and so on, which is undoubtedly a better choice

it is not difficult to see that whether it is to provide a dedicated PLC for the HVAC industry, or to go further more intimately, "Wang Fuxiao said that the subdivision choice comes from only one goal of Schneider Electric: to provide the most economical, energy-saving and efficient dedicated PLC for the HVAC industry, so as to meet your needs to the greatest extent and maximize your efficiency and income

about Schneider Electric

global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric provides overall solutions for the energy efficiency and infrastructure, industry, data center and network, building and residential markets in more than 100 countries, among which it is a world leader in energy efficiency and infrastructure, industrial process control, unscrewing the emergency stop button on the electrical control box and manual control box, building automation, data center and network and other markets, It also has strong market capacity in the residential application field. Committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly energy efficiency, Schneider Electric had sales of 24 billion euros in 2013, and the group has more than 150000 employees

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as a leader in the field of industrial automation and control, Schneider Electric always takes energy conservation and efficiency improvement as the strategic core, constantly pursues innovative technologies, and is committed to providing end users and machine manufacturers in the industrial field with a complete range of automation products, open energy efficiency management platforms and leading industry solutions, helping customers improve productivity and reduce energy consumption, Realize the best use of its effect and enjoy its ability

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