DCS system of extraction and bleaching section of

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Pulping engineering extraction bleaching section DCS system

■ system configuration

this system adopts GE's series PL stepper, which is an open-loop control element C and cimplicity/hmi configuration software that converts electric pulse signals into angular displacement or linear displacement. It is equipped with 1 DCS control room, 1 engineer station, 1 operator station, 1 report printer, 2 control cabinets, and UPS uninterruptible regulated power supply and network system

■ extraction section

the main purpose of the extraction section is to separate the pulp from the cooking liquid to ensure that the pulp is clean. At the same time, it is also required to extract black liquor with a high concentration. The focus of this part of automatic control is that the dilution factor is in the lowest area under the condition that sufficient indicators of construction land make the washing degree and black liquor density reach or exceed the specified indicators

■ bleaching section

bleaching section plays an extremely important role in the papermaking process. The whiteness of pulp directly affects the quality of products of other specifications and sizes to the paper. The focus of this part of automatic control is to ensure the minimum amount of liquid medicine to achieve the highest pulp quality. At the same time, process balance and equipment protection are also important tasks of DCS system

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