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Transmission and distribution equipment: UHV and other approved distribution equipment are popular.

due to the steady growth in the number of 110 (66) kV ~ 750kV substations, and the electrical intelligence is mainly reflected in automation (that is, the intelligence of secondary equipment), the great growth of the commercial performance of high-voltage primary equipment still depends on the progress of UHV construction, otherwise it will be difficult to have a good performance. It is estimated that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the investment of UHV AC flow will be about 300billion yuan, and that of DC will be about 280billion yuan

at the 2012 working meeting, Guodian said that it would speed up the construction of UHV. In 2012, it plans to ensure that four AC projects and three DC projects are approved and started by the state, and strive to obtain the approval of one AC project and two DC projects within the year. With the policy support of the local government, it has overcome difficulties and developed a new antibacterial aluminum alloy material with sterilization performance. Four AC projects refer to the East longitudinal, West longitudinal, South transverse of the three longitudinal and three horizontal rings and the north half ring of the East China UHV ring, and three DC projects refer to the three DC lines of Hami Zhengzhou, Hami North Chongqing and Xiluodu North Zhejiang. At present, DC is progressing smoothly, and AC is moving forward in the dispute: three DC projects have been approved, of which Hami Zhengzhou has been started, and the remaining two are to be started; Among the four exchange projects, only Dongzong obtained the operation strip of the experimental machine that people can control through the operation console

there are disputes about the economy and safety of UHV AC construction, but based on the development strategy of one UHV and four major projects, the State Electricity Commission will unswervingly promote the construction of UHV AC. The actual operation of the expanded demonstration line deserves attention. This year, the four exchange projects have been approved and there is great pressure to start. High voltage primary equipment depends on UHV, UHV depends on communication, communication depends on project approval, and the company depends on flexibility; Pinggao electric and Dalian electric porcelain deserve attention

secondary equipment: benefiting from the intellectualization of electricity, distribution automation is the highlight, and business cross domain enterprises deserve attention

as the growth rate of the number of substation construction slows down, and the intellectualization of substation is the replacement of ordinary substation, that is, the intelligent secondary equipment market replaces the ordinary secondary equipment market; Therefore, for equipment manufacturers, the growth of the downstream market is mainly reflected in the higher price of intelligent equipment. In addition, there will be some incremental markets for intelligent components/modules. Overall, the market growth of secondary equipment is better than that of high-voltage primary equipment. The subdivision field of distribution automation deserves the most attention. The market size of each segment of secondary equipment is limited every year, and the market pattern is relatively stable. Companies whose businesses span multiple segments deserve attention

medium and low voltage equipment: benefiting from the construction of agricultural distribution, switchgear manufacturers have good short-term performance, and face pressure in the medium and long term

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state power and Nanfang power are expected to invest a total of 553.6 billion yuan in agricultural construction (of which the state power is about 422 billion yuan), an increase of about 48% from 374.9 billion yuan in the 11th five year plan. In 2011, the national electricity agriculture investment was 73 billion yuan, so the average annual agricultural investment from 2012 to 2015 was nearly 92.2 billion yuan. In addition, by the end of 2011, the proportion of township and rural electrification in China is estimated to be about 20%, and there is still room for the growth of agricultural distribution equipment. From the perspective of equipment demand, opportunities lie in agricultural distribution automation equipment and switchgear equipment. This section mainly analyzes the needs of switchgear, specifically including circuit breakers, disconnectors, load switches, fuses, contactors and ring cabinets

in the total demand for distribution switchgear, the demand for electrical system accounts for about 30%, and the demand for power supply accounts for about 20%. The rest is mainly the demand of real estate and industrial enterprises. In the next three to five years, it is estimated that the power demand will increase by about 15%, and the power demand will increase by less than 10%. The growth of remaining demand depends on the growth rate of fixed asset investment; The number of graphene patents applied for in China is the largest, and the growth rate of fixed asset investment will be about 20%; Therefore, in the next 3-5 years, the annual growth rate of the total demand for distribution switchgear will be about 16%, which is relatively stable. Plastic granulator is also a major energy consumer in China. However, due to the extremely wide and scattered market outside the electrical system (sales channel is a big problem), the centralized high electrical system market is the main battlefield of equipment manufacturers

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