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Transilwrap acquires Dow Chemical's special film business

recently, transilwrap, a converter and special film manufacturer, announced that it had acquired Dow Chemical's global special film business. The transaction is expected to be realized by the end of the second quarter of 2016. The specific terms of the transaction have not been disclosed. This acquisition is transilwrap's fifth acquisition in nearly nine years

Andy J. brewer, President and CEO of transilwrap, said that Dow's thin film technology is well-known in the industry, and its strong professional technology and the quality of world-renowned brands are highly reliable. We are very looking forward to cooperating with their management team to jointly promote growth

after the acquisition, transilwrap will take over Dow's manufacturing plants in France and Ohio. The original loading method of Dow may be affected by humidity, power supply voltage, frequency, magnetic field, air flow, electromagnetic radiation, static electricity, etc. the special film production facilities and employees will continue to stay in transilwrap

Dow's special film industry has a history of more than 50 years, so it needs to undergo strict testing before being used. It mainly provides professional solutions for medical, packaging and industrial markets. Its products include polystyrene films and polyolefin films for global customers

in the field of packaging and industry, products with strong brand recognition in special film business include sara20 ~ 77hr45nnex film, ProCite film and opticite film, which can be widely used in closures, cushions, windowed envelopes, labels and protective fabrics

Transilwrap operates 10 manufacturing plants in North America and Europe, and its products are mainly used in medical, packaging, advertising, safety signs, protection and industrial fields

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