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Transparent polypropylene sheet obtained the food hygiene license

the polypropylene sheet material first developed by Yangzi Petrochemical Research Institute in China fell to 8.5 billion euros on September 30, and obtained the national food hygiene license. The disposable water cup processed with this material has good gloss and strong heat resistance

this material is an upgraded product of the same kind of traditional transparent polypropylene, and its market price is hundreds of yuan per ton higher than the prototype material

transparent polyolefins are widely used in food packaging and other fields, especially disposable water cups and plastic food boxes, which have strict requirements on use safety. The state clearly stipulates that this product must obtain a food hygiene license before it can enter the market. There are also big differences between different companies in Keke. By changing the formula of additives and other measures, researchers have overcome the disadvantages of low transparency, high rigidity, good linear motion characteristics and poor gloss of the prototype products, and obtained a "pass" to enter food packaging and other related fields

at present, the conditions for industrial device amplification of this product have been met, the target market has been determined, and mass production and listing are about to be carried out

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