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On December 31, the second high-end converter of 1100 kV Changji in the jurisdiction of Xinjiang Zhundong economic and Technological Development Zone was successfully unlocked, marking the success of 1100 kV DC bipolar full voltage transmission between Changji and Guquan, and the engineering application of the world's highest voltage of 1100 kV

it is understood that Changji Guquan 11 China is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. The 00 kV HVDC transmission project was approved by the state in December 2015 and commenced construction in January 2016. It starts at Changji converter station in Xinjiang Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture and ends at Guquan converter station in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, passing through Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi and Henan. The full length of the line is 3pha with optical activity, Each structural unit has a chiral carbon, which can be used for chromatographic analysis to separate optical isomers for 293 kilometers. With a rated voltage of 1100 kV and a transmission capacity of 12million kW, it is currently the world's highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the farthest transmission distance and the most advanced technical level of power transmission project

in the process of project construction, guodc company innovated and implemented the 6S on-site management method of converter valve, secondary construction and panel cabinet installation to realize the standardized and dust-free operation in the whole construction process; Innovative application of Internet + smart site construction, 3D visualization technology, VR panoramic technology, 3D printing technology, wireless transmission and other technologies to effectively complete the construction task. GIS, converter transformer, converter valve and other main equipment have achieved the goal of successful electrification at one time and excellent engineering at one time

next, the project will carry out end-to-end live commissioning of 1100 kV bipolar high-end DC reduction system, and it is expected to have full voltage power transmission operation conditions before the Spring Festival in 2019. After the project is officially put into operation, the transmission capacity will reach 12million kW, opening a new era of large-scale Xinjiang power transmission

Xinjiang is an important comprehensive energy base in China, with rich reserves of wind and solar energy. Changji Guquan 1100 kV HVDC transmission project, as a high-speed channel for Xinjiang's power transmission, will significantly improve the binding and transmission capacity of thermal power, wind power and solar power generation, and continuously inject electric energy into East China. Accelerate the transformation of Xinjiang's resource advantages into economic advantages

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