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The application exchange meeting of low-carbon energy-saving technology in rubber tire industry 2 is the weakening of the driving force of the range of factors held in Dongying City

recently, the application exchange meeting of low-carbon energy-saving technology in rubber tire industry in Shandong Province was held in blue ocean international hotel

zhangjianhua, deputy secretary of Dongying Municipal Party committee and mayor, said that the export proportion of rubber tires to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. The industry is the pillar industry that Dongying focuses on cultivating. It is dominated by the private economy and has a prominent group, but it is relatively scattered and its competitiveness is not strong enough. Relying on the municipal rubber tire industry association, Dongying is accelerating the integration in the procurement, research and development, sales and other links, and further transforming and upgrading the rubber tire industry level. Qingdao soft control Co., Ltd., as a leading rubber tire information equipment manufacturing enterprise in China, has strong scientific and technological strength, especially in the research and development of low-carbon technology and equipment. The application and exchange meeting of low-carbon and energy-saving technology held in Dongying is not only a discussion and exchange of technology, but also a deep-seated cooperation and negotiation, which will greatly promote the development of tire industry of Dongying rubber by measuring its output voltage. Dongying will take this opportunity to actively build a cooperation platform, accelerate the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, promote the transformation of the rubber tire industry to low-carbon and energy saving, and strive to take a lead in the country

relevant researchers from the national tire process and control technology research center made a technical report

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