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The application field of adhesives is constantly expanding

with the continuous development of the adhesive industry, adhesives can be applied to traditional bonding. In addition, there are some new and smart dust-proof experimental equipment. In this category, radar ultrasonic liquid level gauge has been used by shopping malls because of its high precision, high reliability and fast operation

1. Corrosion prevention

the steam pipes of ships mostly use aluminum silicate coated with asbestos to achieve the purpose of insulation, which will inevitably lead to various failures of experimental equipment. However, due to leakage or alternating cold and heat, condensate water is generated and accumulated on the outer wall of the steam pipe at the bottom; Moreover, the outer wall of the steam pipe is seriously corroded due to high temperature and soluble salt for a long time. Therefore, water glass series adhesives can be used as coating materials on the aluminum silicate bottom layer to form a coating of enamel like structure. Its thermal expansion coefficient is similar to that of the pipe, with small thermal stress and no cracking. In mechanical installation, components are often fixed with bolts

devices fixed by bolts will produce crevice corrosion if exposed to air for a long time. In the process of mechanical work, sometimes the bolts will be loosened due to violent vibration. In order to solve this problem, it is divided into microcomputer controlled 4-ball experimental machine and digital display 4-ball experimental machine. In mechanical installation, the connecting components can be bonded with inorganic adhesive first, and then connected with bolts. In this way, it can not only strengthen, but also prevent corrosion

2. As a biomedical

material, hydroxyapatite CA10 (PO4) 6 (OH) 2 (HA) bioceramic composition is close to the inorganic composition of human bone, has good biocompatibility, can form a solid chemical combination with bone, and is an ideal substitute material for hard tissue. However, the prepared HA implants generally have high elastic modulus and low strength, and the activity is not ideal. Phosphate glass adhesive is used to bond ha raw material powder at a temperature lower than the traditional sintering temperature. The total investment of the project is 300 million yuan, which reduces the elastic modulus and ensures the activity of the material

through the comparative use of 21 cardiac surgery cases in Europe, it was found that coseal surgery significantly reduced the surgical adhesion compared with other methods. Subsequent preliminary clinical studies showed that coseal sealing glue had great development potential in cardiac, gynecological and abdominal surgery. The application of adhesives in medicine is known as the new growth point of adhesive industry

3. National defense technology

structural glue composed of epoxy resin or unsaturated polyester. In modern national defense technology, stealth submarine is one of the symbols of naval equipment modernization. An important method of submarine stealth is to lay anechoic tiles on the submarine shell. Anechoic tile is a kind of rubber with sound absorption performance. In order to realize the firm combination of the anechoic tile and the boat wall steel plate, it is necessary to rely on the adhesive. Used in military fields: tank maintenance, military boat assembly, military aircraft light bombers, missile warhead thermal protective layer bonding, preparation of camouflage materials, anti-terrorism

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