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According to relevant media reports, in the future, electronic paper can be used on every surface and make this surface more intelligent. For example, the color of household wallpaper can change with the seasons or the mood of the owner

display search data shows that the consumption of e-readers in 2010 was 59 million pieces, 150 million pieces in 2011, and 1.8 billion pieces in 2018, with a compound growth rate of 54%. The total business volume will reach $9.6 billion, with a compound growth rate of 31%

e-paper has a wide range of applications. It can be used not only in e-readers and e-books, but also in. The keyboard characters are generally small, which can make the size of this position very compact in the future. For example, if the user wants to input numbers, the keyboard can be changed into numbers. If he also wants to input English, the keyboard can be changed into letters. In this way, the font can be larger and the power consumption is low. In addition, electronic paper can be used on the surface of bank cards and IC cards. Watches, meters, labels, as well as display advertisements and billboards can be used soon, and waste can be avoided. For example, previously, as long as you changed the advertiser, you had to change the billboard. If you use electronic paper and input new content on the computer, you can change it, avoiding the waste of paper. Strengthening support for leading enterprises

electronic paper is very important, which can achieve better dispersion, suspension and stability, save a lot of paper and protect the forest. Nowadays, the application of e-paper is becoming more and more common. It is very common in Europe and America to read newspapers with e-paper. In the United States and Europe, many people read newspapers with e-readers. Everywhere, they will see wall street when it comes to publishing every day. Berkeley, California, needs fixtures and high-temperature resistance. Research from the University of Berkeley shows that replacing newspapers with e-readers will reduce the carbon emissions of our planet by 32 to 140 times

a third-party research organization research shows that the first edition of Harry Potter sold 12million copies, used 1670 tons of paper, that is, cut down 400800 trees. The development of cultural economy brings more paper consumption, which may be a disaster for the earth. For example, the office uses a lot of paper, which is actually burned in the garbage dump in the end, which produces a lot of carbon. At the same time, we cut down many trees, causing carbon emissions and losses is a big problem

in the future, electronic paper can be used on every surface and make this surface more intelligent. For example, the color of household wallpaper can change with the seasons or the mood of the owner

many people like the feeling of paper when reading paper books. Nowadays, e-books use glass plates. With the increasing flexibility of electronic plates, e-books will feel like paper books in the future. In addition, paper books will not have obstacles outdoors or in the sun. Generally, LCD and OLED display screens have poor effect under strong sunlight. Electronic paper belongs to total reflection technology, which is not dazzling. The stronger the external light, the better the reading effect. In addition, its perspective is very wide, light and thin

it is worth mentioning that the flexible display has a 1 The biggest demand for the preparation and utilization technology of new functional high molecular materials, such as throwing a steel ball on electronic paper without breaking, is reliability. The current paper may not be able to bear this, but electronic paper is ready to do so, so as to meet the flexibility standard

at present, some e-paper enterprises are talking about cooperation with application companies, such as the application of kitchen boards. It is reported that the kitchen board is a source of pollution, which contains many bacteria. It will be more environmentally friendly to use bamboo, but it will also hide bacteria, so it is best to use glass. One family talked about simply turning glass into electronic paper, which can display recipes and methods of cooking at the same time, making cooking more convenient and very power-saving. In addition, the company is also developing electronic paper music score, which will replace the current manual page turning and solve many inconvenient problems

the application space of electronic paper is growing, but the printing space may be further suppressed. For colleagues in the printing industry, the relevant development must attract attention

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